Rolling back is a good strategy, but only if you do it on all the servers.


Outlook Challenged

When a team prepares for presenting a Lunch & Learn that you completely forgot to schedule, you definitely owe them shame donuts!


Oh, for shame!

What happens when you run load tests in production in the middle of the day? First, you learn from your mistake. Second, you pay the price of shame donuts!


Outlook Shame!

For scheduling a meeting set to be run by someone else, then forgetting to invite that “someone else”…shame donuts!


No feature for you!

Barb forgot to tell us that a certain feature needed to be deployed turned ON for everyone by default. Doh!


Trial by fire

Donuts are the payment when you accidentally schedule a new hire to do interviews on their 2nd day with the company!


Drupal, Drupal…

So apparently a Drupal upgrade overwrites the .htaccess file. Who knew?!


Spam Shame!

Spamming the team with emails during load testing is shamefully tasty!


Communication is key!

Yes, communication is key in multi-team projects. A couple of our awesome engineering managers learned a lesson from all this :)


You mean you don’t love the sweet sound of Nagios?

Ryan brought donuts to say “I’m sorry” for not disabling the Nagios alerts during a scheduled maintenance window.